Try good religious up until We spotted zeitgeist

Try good religious up until We spotted zeitgeist

haha this is wise, after seeing this would think exactly how in the world you’ll somebody very believe in a god or god’s… not then you certainly understand some of the comments below and comprehend that there exists of a lot really dumb close-minded people who will faith something he’s educated out of an early age.. =(

Good otherwise bad? or is indeed there much more situations so you’re able to atheism? immediately following watching a number of the documentaries of atheism and you may religion to your your website, I cant push me to think you will find an excellent holy son/men/woman/lady up on clouds above seeing our most of the move, and judging the the disperse.

Science and religion certainly are the greatest expression with the duality

simply away from attraction, lots of your declare that discover “informative problems” in the 1st few minutes. Can you mind giving a few examples so you’re able to straight back it report? not to say really don’t faith your, but when you do not promote the instances it will not help those exactly who are quicker deluded… what i’m saying is observable than just yourselves.

i will be maybe not religious……. however, i am aware one to 1 / 2 of the latest stuff on the movies try untrue details…. For just one, Goodness peace end up being up on him is not goodness….. no in which about bible will it say Jesus (pbuh) stated divinity. In fact, when the you browse the bible, it claims, from the Gospel of John, Part fourteen, verse twenty eight, “My father was more than We.” On Gospel from John, section ten, verse 31, they checks out, “My father it higher than all of the.” Gospel away from Matthew section several verse twenty eight, “I shed away devils to the sprit regarding Goodness.” Gospel off John Ch 5 v 30 “I cannot out of personal worry about do nothing, having We look for maybe not my usually, however the commonly out of my father.” Mentioned are a few verses.

We agree that breaking free from indoctrination (change) is difficult for all. Towards open-minded, level headed, I could now show everything i it really is trust for those who are willing to read it. One of our most readily useful constraints so is this indisputable fact that either ‘you to definitely or even the other’ (not one another) dominates how we thought. Technology by itself enjoys educated all of us one life merely is available due to the fresh new flaws of your world. Research by itself also features it’s individual parship Log in duality which have relativity and you may quantum auto mechanics. Up to i’ve a far greater malfunction, we should instead accept that both are best and you will co-can be found together, due to the fact one another theories was in fact confirmed correct, over and over. Simply because in the, We pursued the ultimate concept of unification, and therefore try it’s effect.

If we assume I’m proper, this is basically the ramifications. We perform my view which in turn creates most other viewpoint, similar to that have college students. Quite the opposite, he’s since the divided given that duality you to definitely composed her or him. An extension associated with the hypocracy is always to trust just into the natural alternatives that is purely emergency. This sooner or later lead to Eugenics and you can organized parenthood which have pressed sterilization. For the atheist, this will be blasphemy. Medically talking, the new universe isn’t expanding, it is collapsing inside the with the itself beneath the force regarding gravity, and is speeding up. Once they zoomed inside the next, they located the same configurations remained indeed there, however they got shrunk.

All this takes place because the like, morality, and you will mercy try not to go into the equation from pure research comparable to a good capitalist doesn’t want controls very its greed addiction (cancer/imbalance) will likely be given so you’re able to oblivion

Since i have created this concept twenty five years before, I have maybe not discover things medically or consistently incongruent, or in paradox to what i have confirmed up until now. Today, I can feel wrong, while the I am not all knowing, neither have always been I primary. I’m not going to slam this down anyone’s lips, neither am i going to attack people who imagine differently than just me. What i can say for certain try humanity is within really serious need for an excellent paradigm shift for the considering, or i most readily useful end that have youngsters for their benefit whenever we wish to continue on the road we are towards the. I really do become it is time for this idea or something similar(ideally best if you can) for taking hold, however, We haven’t viewed one to yet. Whatever the case, I really hope what i have written makes individuals who see clearly imagine, not always anything like me, just think, because we are running out of day.

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