Stephanie Jones Book Review: The Perfect Girlfriend. Each week Stephanie feedback the Book of the Week.

Stephanie Jones Book Review: The Perfect Girlfriend. Each week Stephanie feedback the Book of the Week.

Initial clue that Karen Hamilton’s thriller does not stick to predictable outlines about feminine hysteria can be found in the concept. The most perfect sweetheart may be the perfect nickname for a blackly comedic tale about a lady, proven to some as Elizabeth and others as Juliette, whose obsession along with her ex-boyfriend plants into an absurdist dream with harmful outcomes.

Nate is a pilot, and in their frequent absences Juliette moves unseen back in his lifestyle, allowing by herself into their London flat, holding the lady clothing in his wardrobe, scrutinising the items in their toilet cupboard to evaluate their county of fitness, stashing their favorite treats inside the fridge. Subsequently she becomes a position as a flight attendant with his airline.

The evident obliviousness of “Nate” for this onslaught against their privacy prompts the reader to inquire whether he could be a product of delusion. But count on: Juliette’s adeptness as a stalker doesn’t change to dishonesty as a narrator. Hamilton happens all-in on the psyche of a woman who is going to justify anything in pursuit of their objective, and also the Great sweetheart could be review both because of its activities quotient – that will be higher – and their insights into just how some body with an abnormal or errant characteristics draws near globally.

Juliette has figured out ideas on how to play normality and present the feeling of bonding with others

– “It’s exactly how relationships function: your show secrets” – and her recollection of their first encounter with Nate, from the hotel reception where she worked, betrays this lady unlikely view of man connections: “Nate had appeared in my entire life like a scene from a romantic book . . . [he] searched like he previously taken in the greatest bits of life and shrugged down such a thing unpleasant or unfortunate.”

The picture of a fractured character deepens with the return of a high-school frenemy and an insatiable appetite for interest and affection: “i wish to become kind of person who other individuals might look into – in a restaurant, state, or simply using children to the park – just who individuals might wish to feel.”

Again, efficiency instead of personhood, assuming Hamilton often will get as well florid in her own reinvention of cliche (“Revenge is actually a recipe better supported cool, and mine will likely be frozen”), she stabilizes the extreme behavior for the present with a research of this reasons for Juliette’s pathology, in a subtly informed beginnings tale where she revisits the girl youth homes on her mother’s funeral. The symptoms were always here: when Nate concluded their own commitment, Juliette first refused to re-locate and hid their passport so the guy couldn’t go to operate.

Basically had been to liken Juliette to a proper person, it would be Lisa Nowak, the NASA astronaut who drove 1,400 kilometres from Colorado to Fl, reportedly using mature nappies so she wouldn’t need to quit, on an objective to kidnap an intimate rival. You’ll find turns of storyline nearly as hilarious and preposterous in Great Girlfriend, and an amazing arc of ambition and disintegration with numerous real-life equivalents.

The ending will madden some and enhance the spectre of Gone Girl’s questionable summation, although Great sweetheart – billed in a cover range, predictably, as “the must-read thriller of 2018” – are not likely to own much to fit they in 2010 as a rollicking story of ecstatic insanity.

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