Since few are making love, her depends on their back having a support at the rear of their direct

Since few are making love, her depends on their back having a support at the rear of their direct

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50. The newest Auction web sites

The person sits on a seat – essentially brand new couch cannot end up being too much due to the fact womans legs must reach the floor. This lady is with the their lap up against him and you may spends the woman legs to help you jump along.

51. Brand new Close-Right up

The person and you will girl each other lay on the sides employing legs removed to its chests. The woman faces away from the man and you can forces the girl pelvis into their pussy.

52. The brand new Star

This lady lies on her straight back that have one foot stretched out in addition to most other bent right up. The person slides among the lady feet and pushes certainly one of his base the lower the lady to boost this lady hips. To simply help his equilibrium the guy leans back towards his give.

53. Brand new Indian Handstand

The person stands as woman do a great headstand. The guy enters this lady of at the rear of and helps the lady to harmony of the keeping this lady hips.

54. The newest Rocking Pony

The man sits along with his legs crossed and leans back support himself together with his fingers. The woman consist astride him together legs bent both sides out-of their sides. Her are able to stone to and fro in a beneficial rocking horse actions.

55. The fresh new Very 8

Their lays flat for her right back that have a little cushion under the girl base to improve her pelvis. The person lays ranging from the girl base and you may supports themselves towards his hands. Both the son and also the girl is free to relocate beat with each other.

56. Ascent so you can Notice

The man stands together with his knees extremely slightly curved and you will the woman really stands against him. He then raises her up and running and you will she wraps this lady base as much as his waist and her fingers doing his shoulder when you’re he penetrates the lady.

57. The fresh Status Wheelbarrow

This lady starts toward all of the fours, she will other individuals the woman elbows on the a support when the thats a lot more comfortable. The person kneels about their and you can gets in her. Shortly after they have permeated the lady they can reduced lift her off the ground of the holding onto the woman ankles.

58. Dog Layout

The lady crouches on the all fours, providing this lady lbs for her give, whenever you are the woman partner comes into their regarding trailing. Because the woman is also force back into him, the guy is actually power over all of the path.

59. This new Nirvana

Contained in this kamasutra gender put the girl lays flat on her back along with her foot signed and her hands stretched-out holding new bedposts (if at all possible).

The guy lays towards the top of their with his foot often side of hers. He more sluggish penetrates their when you’re their foot continue to be closed.

60. The fresh new Padlock

Within this sutra gender status, their is towards the side of a high piece of furniture, such as a desk or an automatic washer. She moves back and you will supporting herself together with her arms. The person really stands before this lady. She will tie the woman ft as much as his waist as he comes into the girl.

61. The fresh Material ‘n’ Roller

She upcoming increases this lady ft in the air and you will stones right back – such as shes gonna perform a great backwards move. The man kneels behind the lady and you will keeps this lady pelvis elevated with the his legs if you are typing this lady.

62. Brand new Backward Fall

The guy is on side of brand new bed with his ft dangling down and a support trailing their right back to own help. Their sits astride your and you can curve the woman base therefore the lady legs was peak with his shoulders. She upcoming meticulously leans back and you will rests the lady hands on the newest floors, both sides out of his feet, to equilibrium.

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