Leyva are a committed LBGTQ “ally,” however, however become insulted and you will harmed if someone told you he is actually homosexual

Leyva are a committed LBGTQ “ally,” however, however become insulted and you will harmed if someone told you he is actually homosexual

Having my personal currency, Leyva’s a couple prime activities within this year’s Olympics from Vapid try his YouTube video and then he shaves his lead inside the “prize of all of the disease clients in the process of chemo,” however, and this in some way however seems to be all Regarding the Danell (“I shaven my direct for the people. Promise you guys liked they. Guarantee all of you enjoy it. And i also promise you all guys advance, rapidly, like tomorrow, Ok?” Okay, Danell, since the that is how chemotherapy and you may cancers functions-you create this new abdomen-wrenching www.datingrating.net/rate-my-date/, immensely meaningful private sacrifice regarding shaving your head, and you can cancer patients is actually cured, such, instantly); along with his response to Judy Woodruff’s really serious matter through the their blog post-Olympics interview with him toward PBS’s Newshour. Exactly what performed the near future keep to possess Danell Leyva? she pondered. What might getting his next larger issue? “Really, if i might get desired to help you host Saturday night Live, that would be, like, entirely very.”

There was a sensational time from inside the Ammo More Broadway-just what particular label “the newest birthday gift scene”-in which Dianne Wiest just about crams this lady tobacco owner for the John Cusack’s mouth since the she admonishes your, “Do not cam. You should never talk. Dont. Don’t speak, no, no, you should never chat. Excite, you should never talk. Excite, dont chat. Zero, no, zero. Go, gentle Scorpio, go … Try not to speak!”

For several months today, this website could have been not as much as troll assault by specific haphazard child whose name is (however) “John.” “John” continuously attempts to post comments declaring his fury more UVV’s statement that Leyva is homosexual as the, the guy argues, saying something similar to you to definitely throughout the a person who try an enthusiastic “ally” into queer people was a keen insult and a beneficial disservice.

As the Really don’t thought becoming homosexual was humiliating, one to wasn’t my personal point whatsoever

Okay. First, let us only lie from the paradox for a moment. Waiting … what? If the Leyva isn’t really gay, next what is the problem with proclaiming that they are, also presuming it is inaccurate? (New crux in the article, in any case, is not that Leyva was homosexual but one his societal choices within the time of the 2012 Olympics was uncomfortable, even for a twenty-year-dated. One to remains genuine it does not matter who blows your.) Zero, a challenge simply can be found in the event the Danell Leyva was closeted … and scared.

Making aside the question from everything we can infer regarding Levya’s thought-to-step proportion out of their determination so you can aired their “me-in-my-Hugo-Bosses” pictures to the known world, “sexting” may not have come new silliest question he could be done in societal in recent months

Second, it appears to be more than possible that “John” is actually an individual who understands Leyva and that is acting on his account. In part that’s because the e-mail address at which “John” writes nearly practically will not exists on the internet. Besides to try to comment right here, mcdougal, whoever Ip address is within Philadelphia, keeps frequently used the target to possess online send only double inside the past 24 months, both moments not as much as a name other than “John.” Additionally it is since this blog post has received over 15,100000 strikes because first looked not that negative feedback. Actually ever. Instantly, regarding the run-up to the Rio Olympics, of which Leyva is anticipated to go back hit particular major carat-decades and since at which he or she is again on media spotlight, an individual has looked whoever mission should be to “defend” Leyva. Circumstantial, sure, but still suspicious.

In white of all the that, however, We have extremely some altered the initial post. Though it try positively my intention in order to criticize Leyva to own operating particularly a beneficial yob, I am disturbed from the accusation that we is actually trying to humiliate your from the claiming they are homosexual.

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